Trans Synth 🏳️‍⚧️ Jair/Synthia 🏳️‍🌈 She/Her

Scrap and Repair Preview Image

Scrap and Repair

Fallout New Vegas - Gameplay

A portable workbench mod with a twist! Craft a set of upgradable workshop tools that will let you scrap items into something you can use to repair your weapons and armor.

76FlagReplacer Preview Image


Fallout 76 - Tools - Asset Replacement

A simple tool built to make creating flag texture replacers as easy as possible.

Please Stand By Preview Image

Please Stand By

Animated Intro Video

Fallout New Vegas - UI

Please Stand By intro from the beginning of the Fallout 3 teasers.

Unpowered Neon Letters Preview Image

EpicestGamer's Modders Resources

Unpowered Neon Letters

Fallout 4 - Modders Resource

Wasteland Workshop Neon Letters - Decoupled from their workshop behaviors, for use in cells created in the Creation Kit.

Jetpack Disabler Preview Image

Jetpack Disabler

Fallout 76 - Asset Removers

A mod made to disable the annoying jetpack models that are put on with Secret Service and Brotherhood Infantry jetpacks.

CHAD: A Fallout 4 Mod Story

Fallout 4 - Radio - Quests

Adds a short questline and a new radio containing the CHAD podcast.

Made in collaboration with Kenneth Vigue

Bandanas to Skins Preview Image

Bandanas to Skins

Fallout 4 - Skins

Bandanas to Skins adds a skin system to the existing bandanas of the Commonwealth, as well as several faction and pride themed skins.

True Vault Escapades Mod Preview Image

True Vault Escapades Mod

Fallout 4 - Radio

True Vault Escapades Radio adds a new radio station. Containing 59 episodes of the True Vault Escapades podcast, a 1940s-inspired radio show about two wasteland detectives who solve crimes from Texas to New Vegas.

Made in collaboration with Preston Hardin

Other You Elite Crew Appearance Fix Preview Image

Other You Elite Crew Appearance Fix

Starfield - Bugfixes

Fixes a Starfield bug causing the Other You Elite Crew to change appearance after you use an Enhance.